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Purchase Order Financing Secures Your Finished Goods or Presold Merchandise

Are you tired of scrambling to secure the resources needed to fulfill clients’ orders?  Are you not pursuing as many new orders as you would like?  If your answer is “YES” to either of these questions then Principal Financial Strategies can help.  Our mission here at Principal Financial Strategies is to help you succeed. We understand you cannot earn profits if you don’t have finished goods or presold merchandise. As such, we provide purchase order financing for many small businesses at affordable rates and terms.

You Can Buy Your Presold Goods

All is not lost if you are strapped for cash to purchase your merchandise. Just to name a few types of purchase order financing options we can provide and to whom

  • Distributors
  • Domestic producers
  • Importers/exporters
  • Resellers
  • Startups
  • Wholesalers

We don’t want you to worry about financing. We want you to focus on expanding your sales and growing your business. We’ll loan you the money to pay your suppliers, and we’ll also help you by

  • Financing your work-in-process production
  • Issuing your domestic/import/export letters of credit for trade
  • Fronting operating capital if you’re struggling or just starting out

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We look at your suppliers’ financial stability, not yours.

You Can Also…

Purchase order financing is fast and flexible funding that gives you the financial advantage to

  • Avoid bank debt
  • Fulfill large customer orders
  • Maintain your business equity
  • Make on-time deliveries no matter what

Which, you’ve probably figured out, expands your market presence and boosts your profits.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t wait any longer to secure your purchase order financing. Contact us today to get started.