How Does Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing Help You?

Investment property is making a huge comeback. The real estate market has rebounded from The Great Recession and investors are adding property to their portfolios once again. Stated income commercial real estate financing is a mouthful, but we here at Principal Financial Strategies love saying it. When you leverage the power of this financial vehicle, you can build your investment portfolio and returns much faster.

A Less Intense Process

What prevents most people from investing in real estate is poor credit or the never-ending mound of paperwork. We don’t believe it has to be that hard. The Principal Financial Strategies option reduces your burden to prove you’re a qualified financing recipient because we take into account the property you wish to purchase. To be approved for this loan, the property must carry a loan-to-value ratio of

  • 65 percent for commercial space such as auto, office, retail, storage or warehouse
  • 70 percent for residential investment properties of up to four units
  • 75 percent for residential investment properties five units or more

You must have a qualifying credit score of 600 or higher, but we won’t focus solely on that. We will also take into account the property’s insurance and taxes when determining your approval.

Flexible Financing Means…

You may use the stated income commercial real estate loan to purchase investment real estate, but why limit yourself.  You may also use the money to

  • Consolidate debt
  • Renovate or remodel investment property
  • Refinance existing mortgages
  • Secure working capital

Our amortized loans have fixed rates and carry 25-year terms. You will need to confirm your income, such as providing a W-2 or self-employment financials, but the application process overall is quite painless.

Purchase Your Investment Property in as Little as Three Weeks

If you are approved, Principal Financial Strategies will issue you a stated income commercial real estate loan of up to $500,000. Contact us today to discuss your commercial investment property and begin the application process.